FCAW in a nutshell

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Flux Cored Arc Welding Process


FCAW uses the same types of wire feeders and power sources as the GMAW process. However, the FCAW process uses a tubular electrode with its core (inner) containing the deoxidizers, scavengers, and (protectant) slag and vapor forming ingrediants.

If used under windy conditions, the FCAW-G (added external gas shielding) process requires some barriers to prevent the gas from being dissipated. The FCAW-S (self shielded - from the core) process is commonly used on mild steel, but the electrodes can be manufactured to contain a number of alloying elements in the core for welding stainless steels and other low-alloys.

FCAW is noted for its high-deposition rates and somewhat forgiving arc characteristics. Its overall efficiency is about the same as the GMAW process, but significantly better than the SMAW process. It is a veratile process, adaptable to welding both thick and thin Steels.


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