Magnetic Particle Level I/II

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT or MPI) is a Conventional Testing Method which involves the component/part under inspection being magnetized.


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Course Features

Magnetic Particle Level I/II - Course Outline

  1. NDT Method Descriptions
  2. Introduction to Surface Testing Methods
  3. Introduction to the SCIENCE of Magnetism
  4. Your MAIN STUDY GUIDES - (Lessons 1-6)
  5. Types and the Sources of Most Defects
  6. Testing Materials & the NDT Methods used
  7. Glossary of Terms for Magnetic Particle
  8. Quick Study for Material/Processes
  9. Corrosion Types
  10. Specifications and Procedures (MPI Level I/II)

Articles � Relative Materials

  1. MPI (an introduction Slideshow)
  2. The 6 NDT Methods (an introduction slideshow)
  3. ASNT MPI-Reference & Tips
  4. Simple Algebra Rules
  5. Basic Trigonometry
  6. Visual ID of Steels
  7. Level I Study Review (PowerPoint Presentation)
  8. Level II Study Review (PowerPoint Presentation)
  9. L/D Formulas
  10. AC Yoke Demo
  11. Good Practice and Testing Points