Magnetism Magic

magnetic particle inspection

Magnetism can be found anywhere and everywhere on earth and possibly the universe. It penetrates your body, bone and flesh. It was first noticed in Magnesia in 1200 AD and observed in an iron ore called lodestone.

All magnetism is based on electron spin and rotation. Atoms have random orientations of electron spin and rotation. If an object is susceptible to magnetism and is placed into a magnetic field, its spins and rotations align themselves to be in line with the applied field.

Magnetism can be artificially or naturally induced. When a magnetizing force is removed, the remaining magnetism is referred to as residual magnetism. The measurement of the 'flux density' is expressed in gauss or teslas (volt seconds per sq.m.). The magnetizing 'force' is expressed in amperes (turns per centimeter).

Polarity is the I.D. of magnetic north and south poles in the otherwise continuous invisible magnetic field lines, similar to earth's magnetic field.

Magnetism is not visible and can be damaging to equipment if left behind. If using intense circular magnetization, don't forget it is difficult to remove, can generate damaging electrical currents and cannot be measured accurately. Check your tested piece and ensure of complete removal with a reliable meter.


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