NDT Certification Information

Some steps REQUIRED to Obtaining your "Ticket"/Full Certification

A theory course
must take place somewhere in the certification program. This is where WorldSpec.org satisfies that major requirement for you. This course MUST be taken at some point, usually, though not always first. It is essentially to fulfill the classroom, or written portion of the worldwide requirements. However, sometimes practical experience can occur prior to the written. For example, sometimes the worker has been part of the NDT industry for years and not really knowledgeable of the theory behind the method he/she practices; as he/she has worked as a helper, etc. and is now being asked to get theory training.

But, regardless, at some point, theory training is MANDATORY before ANY NDT certification can be obtained!

The amount of theoretical training hours vary between countries and certification programs. USA, Canada, and most other countries usually have 40 hours for Level I and Level II MPI/LPI, but 80 hours for Level II RT and UT. However, the USA has an additional special program (called SNT-TC-1A), which is geared for employers and employees, that offers a lot less training time: typically 16-24 hours for the MPI and LPI and 40 hours for the UT I/II & RT I/II.

A practical training component also MUST be done. WorldSpec.org does have practical training example videos and multimedia provided for you online; enough to comply with most requirements, however,  the ISO-9712 standard is very particular and requires a little more "hands-on" approach. It is required that every student do some training at a suitable training program like community colleges, university, or NDT firms.  Usually you will only require a few hours to one day of a practical tutorial program.

For Americans, the practical training process is similar, but often geared towards the standards of the particular company you work for -- known as SNT-TC-1A certification. In this case, the company sets the standards and requirements for practical training, but they still require classroom (or theory) certification as well, before attaining SNT-TC-1A certification.

For American students who have taken the course, but are initiates in the industry and are not presently employed by such a company, or those looking for a more "national" certification as opposed to just company-wide certification, one must make an application to an American governing body for NDT inspection: such as ASNT, AWS, API, NACE.

There is still a practical component required in addition to the course that WorldSpec.org offers. This can either be taken at various NDE facilities in your area, or by attending practical workshops or courses, offered throughout the World.


WorldSpec.org offers a theory course that satisfies ALL World-wide theory requirements to become fully certified, while saving you thousands of dollars to achieve the same thing elsewhere!

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