• Learn about the nature and origins of X-ray and gamma radiation and the terminology used in radiation protection;
  • Realise the significance of potential doses, the health effects of these doses and the importance of keeping all exposures as low as reasonably allowable (ALARA);
  • Understand the basic principles and measures that can be taken in practice to restrict exposure to ionising radiation, and the importance of adhering to written procedures;
  • Understand the legislative requirements of working with sources of ionising radiation and transporting radioactive materials;
  • Become competent in using a radiation monitor to assess the radiation hazard and understand the significance of measurement results;
  • Understand the role of an RSO in ensuring the local rules are adhered to, that necessary checks are carried out and records kept; and
  • Understand how accidents can be prevented and practical steps to take in the event of an emergency.



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Course Features

Study Chapters on the RSO course

  • Why Is Safety Training so Important?
  • What Is Radiation?
  • What Is Radioactivity?
  • What Are The Harmful Effects Of this Radiation?
  • How Do Time, Distance, and Shielding Affect Your Dose?
  • How Do You Detect And Measure Radiation?
  • How Do Radiography Cameras Work?
  • What Are The Rules For Transporting Sources?
  • How Can Following Procedures Help You?
  • Why Do Radiography Accidents Happen?