Welcome to our Radiographic Film Interpretation course.  This will help prepare you for the Level II or III exams and work situations.  Knowledge is Power and understanding the RT Process for the proper interpretation of radiographs can mean the difference between acceptable and catastrophic results.  This is a 40 hour course/class and meets the requirements for theory training by AWS.


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Course Features




Section 1       Introduction to Radiography


Section 2       Radiographic Image Quality (Sensitivity)


Section 3       Industrial Radiographic Film


Section 4       Intensifying Screens


Section 5       Manual Film Processing


Section 6       Automatic Film Processing


Section 7       General Assessment of Radiographs


Section 8       Storage of Radiographic Film


Section 9       Auditing of Darkroom Facilities


Section 10     Materials & Processes (products and methods of testing)

                       - Iron & Steel Production

                       - Metal Forming

                       - Welding

                       - Casting


Section 11     Discontinuities & Defects

                        - Inherent

                        - Processing

                        - Secondary Processing

                        - In-Service


Section 12     A quick study-guide for the required Materials & Processes


Section 13     Specifications and Procedures (RT Film Interpretation)