What is NDT? -- Edward Fisher

August 19, 2016

 What is NDT?  NDT (Non Destructive Testing) in the traditional sense means you will be doing an inspection without physically harming the item you are inspecting.  The traditional methods of NDT are Visual, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Ultrasonic, Radiography,  Eddie Current or maybe a combination of either one two or three of these disciplines. 

NDT is a critical component in the construction/manufacturing industries as component failures can be costly.  NDT relates almost any industry and as a qualified NDT Inspector you will be helping to ensure that things that are put into service or sold will perform the way they are designed to.

Anyone that has an interest in how things are made and an interest in quality then NDT may be for you.  Everything that is made today has some form of quality control depending on the type of material or process you are looking at or working in but it is all NDT.

Training needs to consist of a combination knowledge which normally comes from books and then working with a knowledgeable professional that can help you understand the material you are reading along with hands on equipment training and a good mentor.  Any profession that you may decide to go into needs a combination of study and hands on training before you can become competent. 

When we read technical material sometimes the material is easier to understand if you have the equipment to practice what you have just read.   The ability to talk to an experienced inspector, an instructor or a tutor are critical components to successful training and transition to writing and obtaining your certification and then while working with your mentor you can truly start to learn how to be a good NDT Inspector.

Edward Fisher