NDT Training in the Digital Age

January 24, 2017


NDT Training in the Digital Age


Everyone is connected today. They are connected to a mobile device of some sort; whether that be a phone, tablet or laptop, everyone is mobile. There is now an expectation that every business and every service or offering should also be offered online. It is globalization and capitalism at their finest hour!


So in this era, where social media is the new source for all things news and is the yellow pages for finding businesses, where does training, in particular NDT training stand up?


Of course there is now the influx of online NDT training, but before we get there let’s start with how traditional, classroom training is beginning to face this need of digital and connectivity. For example, Hellier NDT training, just realized the value in not just new technology but a new physical space. They recently made the move into a brand new, state-of-the-art, complex so that they could improve their training services to their customers. Codewest, that does API training, also relocated into this space so that they too could offer an enhanced learning space. This new space offers state of the art digital projectors, computers, and has a student lounge with free Wi-Fi (another necessity for any organization), that allows for a calm studying environment.


One of the other new offerings from Hellier NDT is the idea of blended learning, in conjunction withWorldSpec NDT training. WorldSpec offers online theory training for NDT, and with the help of Hellier NDT, students can now take online theory and come in to a Hellier location to 1 or 2 day practical tutorials or workshops. The benefits of this are that the student is only missing 1 or 2 days of work, as opposed to 5. They can also, study on their own time so they are not condensing the learning into a very tight time frame. Additionally, it allows for a reduced training cost (as low as $1100).


WorldSpec is also the ONLY online NDT training company that is currently compliant with both ASNT and CGSB (Canada) theory training standards. Although it seems obvious that the ASNT and CGSB systems should nearly similar, there are actually some substantial differences between the two NDT training and certification programs. The Canadian system requires that 2 day practical workshops accompany ALL online training offerings; this is in an effort to ensure that the students get proper training with the actual equipment prior to learning or handling the equipment in a workplace.


Another benefit to online training is that the student doesn’t have to fly from their remote location (typically on a pipeline or offshore) to one of a handful of training centers across the country and pay for airfare, hotel, food, etc. for a week of training. The convenience of the student’s being able to take theory training right from their phones or tablets allows them to train whenever they have down time, and acts as a refresher for what they’re doing in the field. It is always with them!


No matter how resistant to digital training you may be, the reality is that it’s the present situation of our world. The immediacy and convenience of it is an expectation and requirement of the current and next generations of technicians. It’s time to consider alternative options for your NDT training!