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Our on-line NDE/NDT Courses and Welding/Inspection information is competitively priced with your personal training needs primary.  We also provide partial Lessons and/or refresher courses.  Please send us an email at or contact our office through Toll Free: 1-877-506-7773 or International 250-870-4587.

We provide this NDT training service to also assist those transferring from one trade to another and/or those required to have Welding and NDT knowledge (initial or senior).  You are supported by our Experts and Engineers with a wealth of information and a variety of ways to deliver the infomation.  Additionally, we can help by supplying alternate theory training or CDs, Books, Web sites and sample questions.  We will always be available to assist you via phone, emails/msn or skype.

For more information on the NDT Courses or the Industrial Welding, Materials Resource, Processes and Inspection areas, send us an email at and our staff will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours.



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