"I just completed and passed the AWS-CWI exam. I think with a little time and experience I will go for the SCWI. I am also going to for the ASNT Visual Level 3 – although that is probably more of a personal goal than a work necessity. The program that your company offered was invaluable to me as I prepared for the CWI – I wouldn’t have passed without it. Thanks again and pass along my gratitude to everyone there at Worldspec."


~ Dan T.


“We utilize WorldSpec.org as much as possible for our new hires to get the full training required and for refresher courses on our existing staff. This has proven successful in our business to gain required NDT certifications.”

~ Bill Fenton
Quality Assurance Supervisor


"I would recommend worldspec.org online NDT training to anyone pursuing NDT certification. Dollar for dollar, it is as comprehensive and effective as classroom training."

~ Rob


"The online courses that worldspec.org provides have been a huge convenience for our training department. We can give the students login info and let them take the courses at their pace, this enables us to keep our education budget down because it saves so much on travel expenses. Any questions we have are answered right away and with the sincere purpose to help us learn the NDT industry".

~ Jon


"Worldspec's courses provide a good opportunity for me to be in class anywhere there is an internet connection without being absent from work and losing the day's pay. The course presentation is very unique, with colorful pictures, power point presentations, etc. Another unique fact about Worldspec is their responses to your emails; which are all attended to by real instructors that make sure the questions are answered to your personal specifications. Worldspec.org allows you to go over the topics as often as you like until it sinks in, without having to worry about holding an entire class back because of your difficulty to understand something in the course. If you are looking for an opportunity to expand your knowledge, I would recommend Worldspec's online training courses to you."

Derek Isu
Welding Inspection Consultant

Worldspec has demonstrated a professional,concise and thorough approach to the subject of online NDT training. Mr. James Ray provides a total and in depth curriculum for the students who may not have the time or inclination to attend the typical classroom enviroment. I found the training and support from Worldspec to be more than complete and spot on. I have heartily encouraged several of my associates to investigate the services of Worldspec for their NDT training. Simply put, Worldspec's training is as good as it gets.

A. Keith Wojcik
Certified Welding Inspector

Thank you for all of your assistance,
Worldspec has been a very informative and helpful to me during my certification in NDE.
During my course in Magnetic Particle inspection they were very accessible.  I highly
recommend them to anyone pursuing NDE certifications

William Fortune


 I wanted to take a moment to tell you how nice it was taking your UT Level 1 course.  I recently completed the AWS CWI seminar and was feeling rather burnt after that, but needed to continue some how to get my necessary qualifications.  I found your service and figured for the price, and convenience, I would try it.  I was very impressed!  The lessons were very easy to understand for such a technical subject.  The ability to take my time and work on it from home or office was a plus, and the service you and your staff provided me was outstanding.  Thank you!

As for the Level II  class?  I loved it, and kind of sad it is over.  The new web site is  amazing, and the materials covered were very informative and
kept  me  interested.  You guys have a great program for guys like me as I  work a lot, and wouldn't have the time to get to a traditional
classroom, even if one was available here.  Thanks again James, you were great!

Paul Nielsen
Quality Inspector

My name is Carlos and I live in Guam (USA Territories).  Just recently I took the Visual Inspector Level I/II course online and I was impressed with the quality and information content of this course.  The Worldspec Instructor will answer just about any question about NDT inspections.  I was also very surprised with the amount of information and all the different topics that comes with this class.  It was also very informative about Inspector technical KNOW HOW.

Thanks, Great Class!!
ACNS Marianas
Guam, USA

Dear WorldSpec,
Please accept my compliments for the training sessions I have completed with your company for Level II PT, MT, UT & Radiographic Interpretation. I was please with your website’s training course and step-by-step instructions. The learning material offered in your NDE training curriculum will be very helpful for my career in Inspection.
The instructor was able to answer all my questions within a reasonable amount of time and made sure that they made time for me one-on-one when necessary for me to finish the course.  I would recommend these courses to anyone looking to further their career in the inspection field or to understand the fundamentals of NDE offered by your website.
Thank you for giving your training, teaching, time and efforts. It will pay off for me in a very big way in my future as a Certified Welding Inspector and API-510 Inspector.
AWS - CWI Certified Welding Inspector
API - 510 Pressure Vessel Inspectors
Level II – PT, MT, UT & RTI

The program WorldSpec offers - for me had many advantages.  First, studying and testing online, with help available 24/7; allowed me the freedom of studying/learning at my own pace.  By taking the classroom setting out of the equation, it enabled me to take the extra time needed to really understand some areas that I had a difficult time with, as well as being able to accelerate through areas that are easier for me.  The Worldspec program has also been financially advantageous for me.  It saved me from traveling a long distance, having to pay for a hotel, as well as all of the expenses involved with out-of-town stays.  Finally, the format made it easy for me to learn and become qualified in areas in which I had no prior experience.  For me the Worldspec program is a perfect fit.

Jeff Wilson

I recently completed your UT Level 2 course.  I have done conventional NDT training courses before with one particular training organization.  Compared with the courses I've already taken - I was impressed by some of the level of detail from Worldspec.  I also appreciated having a teacher I could send emails with, back-and-forth.  In a classroom setting, I might have missed the chance to ask questions, so being able to do the course at my own pace was great.  I was also impressed with how much time I've been able to spend learning the theory.

Since finishing the UT2 course, I have completed my written exams with CGSB (Canada) and scored in the 80's on my General/Specific and EMC tests.

Matthew Madryga

I would like to thank WorldSpec for their time and patience in helping me learn and grow with my NDT courses.  I was able to work and learn at the same time, with no pressure.  I would recommend WorldSpec to anyone who wants to work and take courses at the same time.  I completed mine and now I'm a Certified PCN Level II UT technician.

Once again thanks,

Jason Peters
Level II UT - PCN 3.1/3.2 (EN473/ISO9712)
Edmonton, AB. Canada

"With the Online NDT Training and coaching I received from worldspec.org, I felt assured and confident that I was ready to succeed in the ndt industry."

Rob Gill
BC, Canada

"The value and convenience of WorldSpec.org can not be beat.  I continually recommend them to my co-workers and use Worldspec for my own personal training.  If you are motivated to advance your career, then this is for you."

Preston Eakes

"The class material Worldspec presented was clear, concise and thorough.  Having a completely online Non-Destructive Testing Course was beneficial due to the fact I could do it on my time, I didn't have a set schedule to attend classs.  The Worldspec course is great for any individuals interested in getting started in the Non-Destructive Testing field.

Mr. HiJae Lee
Texas, USA (in Afghanistan)

Worldspec, theory trained me online  - to meet the NRCan requirements and I now have my CGSB Level I Ultrasonic certification.  I have been doing my MPI and Radiation Safety online as well.....hopefully on my way, at last to being a full-time NDT technician, after years of doing only part-time work as a 'helper' in the field.

Mitchell R.

I worked with a UT tech for several months watching him and asking questions. As soon as I  started going through the Level I UT material EVERYTHING he did just made sense. All of the mysteries about what he was doing just vanished and I understood it. I hope that others will honor this training because I feel it is better than any 5 day crash course. This way you can let it soak in until you get it and not be rushed.

Patrick K.

I really enjoyed the classes and will recommend them to anyone that is looking for NDT training classes.  I appreciate all of your help.  I will be interested in additional methods in the future and will be in touch.  Thanks again!

Darrell P.

"The course was good with lots of useful information. The exam was good as well because the questions I feel are a good representation of what some of the information a tech should know to perform his job and don’t get to in depth about the chemistry and composition of steel itself like other courses and exams are like.  We are only simple NDE techs not rocket surgeons."



Harley T. 

"World Spec offers cost effective solutions to any worker in the NDT world who does not have the luxury of taking weeks off work and spending thousands of dollars for each of their certifications. Working shift work in the Alberta Oil Field taking 1-2 weeks off for classing room training would cost thousands in lost wages plus travelling and hotel expenses, not to mention the cost of classroom programs. World Spec allows me to study when I have time to, it works great with the natural of Oil Field construction. If a project gets held up and delayed I can dive right into studying and continue my education, but if I want to work extra days or extra shifts I can do that with out committing to a set training schedule. If you are highly motivated and want to advance your careerer in NDT I would suggest World Spec training. This way you are able to get hours of experience while studying for you next NDT ticket. World Spec has allowed me to enjoy full time income and additional NDT certification, a truly great program."

Lee Hern
NDT Supervisor
Alberta, Canada

It has been a great experience and I will continue to further my education through WorldSpec.

Mike S.